Why not share?

As I sit to write my first ever blog post, I wonder what’s stopped me from starting earlier. Why was I reluctant to share my ideas, opinions, experiences and learning with others? The answer is simple; me.

When I think back to my late teens, I would spend hours writing poetry and songs. My writing was immature and I had no idea what I was doing. I’d not spent any time learning the ‘rules’ of writing (some would argue that I still have no idea and that my grammar is terrible). Nevertheless, I enjoyed doing it and I liked what I was producing. The thing is, I rarely shared my work with others. Put simply, what was stopping me was fear of failure. Seth Godin would call this ‘the resistance’.

Somewhere along the line, I learned that fitting in was easier and safer. Rather than creating work for others to potentially mock or ridicule, I chose to keep it to myself and, eventually, stopped creating altogether. What I’ve discovered is that playing it safe isn’t safe at all. By fitting in, you become invisible.

So, now that I’m ready to share my learning again, you can expect to hear a lot more from me. I will do this without fear of ridicule and will welcome feedback. I will look at my posts as gifts; something shared while expecting nothing in return.

The question is, what will you share with the world? What will be your gift?

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