It’s been a while

My last post on this platform was over two years ago…

I’ve posted on LinkedIn since, and I’ve certainly done plenty of noodling, but I haven’t committed to sitting down and writing anything here. I could use any number of excuses for not doing the work, but I think I ultimately ran out of things to share. My story I was telling myself was that everything I put out to the world via this medium had to be great and that it absolutely had to help people.

What I realise now is that there are plenty of great thinkers and writers who specialise in helping others work through issues. All I can focus on is sharing. If I share something and it doesn’t resonate with anyone, then so be it. If I help one person reframe their thinking or work through a problem, brilliant!

So here I am, writing again, jotting down what comes into my brain and verbalising what I’m working through. That’s it.

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